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April 2016 Archives

Truck safety and the federal hours of service rules

Truck safety is an important concern when it comes to improving highway safety. Because of their size and the weight they carry, semi-tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles present a serious risk of causing harm or death other motorists when they are involved in accidents.

Work with experienced legal counsel to seek compensation for medication errors

In our last post, we began looking at the issue of medication errors, particularly the fact that the electronic systems used by physicians in many hospitals allow a significant number of potentially harmful errors to go undetected. As we noted, not every medication error results in harm to a patient. In many cases, the error is inconsequential or has a minimal impact on the patient. In some cases, though, medication errors can have more serious consequences.

Study highlights medication errors which slip into electronic health records

Medical malpractice comes in many different forms, but medication errors are a particularly common occurrence in hospital settings. Electronic systems have been developed to help reduce medication errors, and they have been a huge help. The use of computerized physician order entry systems has been highly encouraged by the federal government, and nearly all hospitals use these systems.  Unfortunately, there are still too many mistakes made with medication.

Product recalls and product liability litigation: looking at the connection, P.4

We’ve been looking in recent posts at the issue of product recalls and product liability litigation. Last time, we began looking at how product recall can sometimes, in some states, be used as evidence of liability for negligence in connection with a defective or dangerous product. That is not the case here in New York, which subscribes to the though there are certain exceptions.

Product recalls and product liability litigation: looking at the connection, P.2

Last time, we mentioned a recent batch of product recalls issued last week and began discussing the importance of working with an experienced attorney to seek just compensation for injuries connected to defective products. Although litigation is not always the answer for an injured consumer, it may be necessary in some cases to ensure the consumer has a chance to be fairly compensated.

Product recalls and product liability litigation: looking at the connection, P.1

Companies recall products all the time for various reasons. In the last week, for example, a number of product recalls were issued, including three models of Coleman flashlights, a Rollerblade inline skating safety helmet, two models of Yamaha off-highway vehicles, three models of Fisher-Price cradle swings, Outdoor Gourmet marinade injectors, a model of a Staples and Quill office chair, and a Miniland Educational plush fastening toy.

Decline in med mal litigation among factors contributing to NY insurance market volatility, P.2

Last time, we began discussing the currently volatility in the New York medical malpractice market. As we noted, the situation not only puts physicians at risk, but also patients who attempt to sue physicians covered by insurance providers who become insolvent.

Decline in med mal litigation among factors contributing to NY insurance market volatility, P.1

Medical malpractice liability is an important factor for physicians in every area of medical care. The costs associated with malpractice liability can be significant, because the costs of medical negligence are often so great for injured patients.

Man loses consciousness, breaks ribs after slip and fall accident

Many people think that in order to bring a personal injury claim against a company, you have to have suffered catastrophic injuries or someone should have died as a result of injuries. It’s important to remember, though, that even seemingly minor accidents can leave an individual seriously injured.

Former Rikers inmate severely injured in attack gets settlement

In our last two posts we discussed the growing concern over assaults that lead to injuries in New York City correctional facilities. We discussed the various statistics that have been collected showing the increase in cases and payouts. But sometimes what can really highlight the severity of the problem is a real-life story.

Reports of violent acts increase in NYC correctional facilities

In our last post we started talking about the increase in personal injury claims coming from correctional facilities in New York City. The last few years have seen significant increases. Although some of the claims come from simple accidents such as slip-and-fall accidents, many of them are due to violence that happens within jail walls.

NYC jails see increase in injury claims

When we think about personal injury cases, the thoughts that come to mind are usually related to car accidents or premises liability incidents. These are everyday occurrences that unfortunately leave innocent victims injured. But it’s also important to remember that those that are not so innocent, at least in the criminal system’s eyes, have the same rights to safety as the general public. We’re talking about inmates in prisons and jails like the one on Rikers Island.

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