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Black ice blamed for multi-car pileups in New York

If you are venturing out today, it is likely that you have heard warnings about black ice being present on roads across New York. Streets and highways likely provided drivers on Sunday with harrowing experiences because of the thin, invisible sheets of ice that coat the roads once freezing rain actually freezes on the ground.

ABC News reports that nearly 500 accidents occurred over the weekend across the northeast, with huge accidents occurring in New Jersey and New York. On I-95 in the Garden State, a 30 vehicle accident injured 16 people. Outside of New York City, a 60 vehicle crash injured more than 30 people and left one dead. In fact, the New York City Fire Department received more than 3,500 calls for accidents due to slippery roads. 

Indeed, the weather calls for another reminder for drivers of the legal implications of failing to use reasonable care on the road. Yes, there are instances where the weather can cause conditions so unpredictable that an accident may occur despite one’s best efforts. But drivers should be wary of conditions and realize that reducing speed on potentially icy roads can also reduce the chances of being in a crash.

It remains to be seen what will come of investigations into these accidents, but one thing is likely; if it is found that a driver did not use reasonable care in driving for the conditions, the offending driver could be held liable for the accident. As such, a person injured in the crash could seek compensation for their injuries.

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