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Will driverless cars drive like “grandmas”?

The world isn’t ready for self-driving cars, but it might as well get accustomed to them, because they are coming whether we like it or not. Depending on the automaker, there is likely to be more than 10,000 miles of test driving before a driverless car is sold in the U.S.

But in the midst of this testing, a number of motorists will see them. While they are not necessarily solicited for their opinion of these cars, a few have voiced their opinions. One person who has seen the testing of Google’s vehicles first hand offered his accounts and they were featured in a article

Essentially, he said that the Lexus RX 350’s he’s seen outfitted with Google’s navigational equipment were not dangerous or hazardous. In fact, he described the autonomous driver as one who would drive “like his grandma.” Essentially, the cars were slow to accelerate, drove at or below the speed limit and did not take any chances (with lane changes).

The description is quite consistent with what was initially expected from driverless cars, since they were developed to drive as a reasonable person should; meaning that they would not break the speed limit, they would not drive aggressively, or drive while under the influence of alcohol. Continually following these rules will make it less likely for these cars to be involved in an accident.

While the safety benefits seem attractive, the reviewer did note how annoying it could be driving behind one of these cars, which could lead to a frustrated driver attempting to pass the vehicle, which could lead to another accident.

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