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Why do big-rig accidents happen?

Figuring out who was at fault in a car accident can sometimes be challenging. Although the cause of an accident may initially seem clear, an investigation into what happened may reveal more facts that are important to the cause of the accident.

This is often the case with big-rig accidents. Although there are plenty of reasons where passenger vehicle drivers may be at fault, the same goes for the drivers of the truck.

If you are in a passenger vehicle, you typically know that it’s important to closely follow safety procedures when navigating your vehicle near an 18-wheeler. Nonetheless, some drivers still end up making mistakes. A driver may make a left turn in front of a large truck after misjudging their speed. They may merge improperly onto the highway which might make the truck driver hit the brakes suddenly. It can also be really dangerous to drive between large trucks or to drive in their “No-Zone.” A No-Zone is an area around the truck that the truck driver either cannot see or has very limited visibility.

On the other hand, truck drivers can make some pretty major mistakes which could lead to devastating car accidents. A truck driver may be exhausted after driving too many hours or he or she may have been put on a very unrealistic schedule, causing him or her to drive at unsafe speeds to meet deadlines. A truck driver may also not be properly trained. If a company is trying to make quick profits, they may fail to properly train new drivers before they hit the road.

These are just some of the reasons that a passenger vehicle and a big-rig may collide on the road. A thorough investigation of the accident is important in order to understand what really happened and who was at fault.

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