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Which generation is drunk driving most common in?

Given how dangerous drunk driving is, it can be important to look into what groups are engaging in this behavior the most. Understanding what groups drunk driving is most common among can yield important insights regarding what kinds of prevention efforts might be effective.

A recent survey suggests that, among the different age groups, drunk driving is most common among gen-Xers. The survey asked 2,000 Americans various questions about alcohol, including whether they had ever gotten behind the wheel when drunk.

The answers given were broken down in various different ways, including by generation. Gen-Xers (respondents 35 to 51) had the highest rate of admitting to drunk driving, with 43.31 percent of such respondents doing so. Meanwhile, the lowest rate belonged to individuals 70 and over, with only 27.27 percent of individuals in this age group saying they had driven drunk. Baby boomers (respondents 52 to 69) and millennials (respondents under 35) landed in the middle with 39.3 percent and 33.93 percent admitting to drunk driving, respectively.

Why do you think reports of drunk driving were highest among gen-Xers? What sorts of drunk driving prevention strategies do you think would best get across to individuals in this age group?

Whatever age group a person is in, when they get behind the wheel drunk, their decision can end up having huge impacts on others. A person can end up being subjected to injuries of an incredibly serious nature as a result of the conduct of a drunk driver. When facing lifelong repercussions as a result of injuries caused by the misconduct of another driver, like drunk driving, it can be important for an individual to understand what options they have for pursuing compensation.

Source: KSNV, “Who drives drunk? Gen X guys from the Midwest,” Richard Read, Nov. 1, 2016

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