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Three tips to make a motorcycle or bicycle commute safe

When the weather is this good during the summer time, it may sometimes be difficult to go to work. This is not because traffic is terrible or strangled by snow; it’s because nice days like these shouldn’t be wasted by spending so much time indoors. Some in our region make the most of the weather and their commute time by riding bicycles or motorcycles to work. This way, they get to enjoy the outdoors and get to work in a timely manner.

Nevertheless, riding bikes and motorcycles come with unique dangers. After all, riders don’t have a steel cage to protect them in the event of a crash, so the protection between the asphalt and their person is likely only a helmet. With that said, motorcycle riders and bicyclists must be vigilant while commuting. This post will provide some helpful tips to make the commute safe.

Choose your route carefully – Indeed, the scenic route may provide the most enjoyment, but make sure that it gives you enough room to maneuver, has lighter traffic than main thoroughfares, and does not have any additional hazards (such as potholes) that can lead to an accident.

Mind the space around you – Taking in the scenery is part of the fun of riding a motorcycle or riding a bike, but you should be aware of hazards coming towards you. While your mirrors can help in detecting hazards, don’t rely on them alone.

Beware of intersections – It is very common for drivers to try to beat a red light (and run them as well). In fact, most accidents occur when a driver violates a riders’ right of way. So be careful when approaching intersections. 

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