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Finding health care providers who put patient needs first

While many people wish to rely on the expertise, knowledge and compassion of doctors to provide optimal health care, accidents, ignorance and general disregard of protocols are not unheard of. For New York residents who are anticipating receiving health care, they can benefit from doing their research to find a doctor who puts patient needs first and takes the time to create customized treatments.

The Huffington Post shared an article that discusses common mistakes that doctor’s make. However, the content is applicable to patients who are seeking a health care provider they can rely on. Some of the signs attentive patients can look for include:

  • Timely consultation: People should expect their doctor to provide timely consultation following suspicious symptoms. Attentive doctor’s will put everything else aside to properly diagnose a patient’s condition and educate him or her about the general outcomes, treatment options and recovery process.
  • Relationship health: The most reliable health care providers will put relationships with their patients above all else. Individuals receiving care should monitor the type of relationship they have with their doctor and look for signs that he or she really cares and is concerned about their health.
  • Thorough diagnosis: Because so many mistakes are made during the process of diagnosis, it is imperative that patients seek a doctor who is capable of making a thorough assessment. People should look for a health care provider who is willing to answer questions, explain what a diagnosis means and provide insight into what the future holds.

Patients should always expect their health care provider to listen attentively to them and remain focused throughout conversation. According to the New York Times, in 2013, death as the result of preventable medical errors was the third largest cause of fatalities in the nation.   

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