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Five-car accident injures seven in New York

Many people hit the road almost daily in order to get to work or run errands. Most of those car rides will be uneventful and conclude with a safe arrival to the person’s intended destination. The possibility of a car accident may not even cross their mind as they take the same familiar route to work or to the grocery store. Unfortunately, accidents typically happen very suddenly and without little warning. This is especially the case when a vehicle is hit in a chain-reaction accident.

A recent chain-reaction accident in New York led to the injury of seven individuals. It happened on Monday around noon in Clay. According to police, the incident started with a driver leaving a grocery store parking lot. That driver tried to exit onto a road heading southbound. As the driver did so, another southbound driver swerved to the side to avoid hitting the first vehicle.

That vehicle then hit another southbound vehicle. Both vehicles on the road ended up in the northbound lanes, hitting yet another vehicle. The northbound car then hit another northbound car and a disabled truck that was on the side of the road. While five cars were involved in this domino-like incident, the car that was pulling out of the grocery store was not hit.

Seven people were sent to the hospital with various injuries. The police continue to investigate the accident. Accidents like this can be extremely complicated in terms of a personal injury lawsuit because there may be multiple people who acted negligently in this type of incident. A personal injury attorney can sift through the facts to figure out if a claim is warranted.

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