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Does a helmet help in a motorcycle accident?

There are many rumors and misconceptions that a motorcycle helmet can do more harm than good. If you are riding in New York, though, you should understand that a helmet is your best defense against severe injuries if you are involved in an accident. There have been studies and there is solid proof that helmets save lives.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation explains exactly how a motorcycle helmet protects you in a crash. The main parts of this safety gear are each designed with a specific purpose in mind. The padding and straps are made to ensure the helmet fits your head correctly and firmly. This will keep the helmet from sliding around and stop it from flying off or shifting in the event of an impact. The inner core is made of cushioning foam that absorbs shock and compresses to prevent direct hits to your head. The outer shell is made to be hard and firm, yet it also gives a little on impact to prevent it from breaking and allow it to provide complete protection as you hit a hard surface.

The most severe risk you face in an accident is a head injury. Protecting your head with a helmet only makes sense. If you are in a crash and fly off your bike, when you hit the ground, it is much better to have your helmet make impact rather than your skull. The helmet will absorb the shock and distribute it so your head does not get the brunt of it. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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