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Car accident injuries you may have questions about

In a prior post, we highlighted the possibility that drivers in our region could be involved in a car accident. During this time of year, the convergence of poor weather, higher volumes of traffic (commonly around shopping centers), and drunken drivers can make the holiday season dangerous. Because of this, drivers must be especially vigilant in order to avoid car crashes.

But sometimes, an accident cannot be avoided and drivers and passengers may be injured. With that, this post will highlight some of the common injuries suffered.

Back and neck injuries – If you know anything about neck injuries, you have probably heard of whiplash; the violent action of a person’s head going forward then back in the midst of a crash. This puts substantial strain on a person’s neck. Additionally, a person can suffer serious back injuries in a crash due to the same action.

Head injuries – Depending on how the crash occurs, a person’s head could be thrown into the dashboard, the steering wheel, or a window. The impact could cause a concussion. Thankfully, a number of vehicles have airbags that can reduce the severity of such an impact.

Emotional injuries – With head injuries can come emotional fallout. Essentially, a brain injury can manifest itself in the inability to manage one’s emotions or even move past the traumatic memories of the crash. A crash victim could suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

Of course, there are other injuries that may be suffered during a crash, and those who are injured may have many questions about what to do next. An experienced personal injury attorney can help.  

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