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Consumers say hair care product causes hair loss, file lawsuit

Although most New York residents would hope that various industries are regulated in order to make sure a bad product does not injure consumers, that is simply not always the case. Take, for example, beauty products. Such products that do not make medical claims or contain drugs are not really regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nor can the administration force them to reveal results of their testing or make them recall a product. Unfortunately, some products end up slipping through the cracks and injuring many individuals.

Currently, there is a class action lawsuit filed against the company that sells the hair care product called Wen. Some 200 women have joined the lawsuit and there have reportedly been some 17,000 complaints sent to the company regarding their cleansing conditioner and other Wen products.

According to news reports, the product is apparently causing hair loss for many individuals who use it. Some women experience large clumps of hair loss ending up with small bald spots. The company claims there is no scientific proof that their product is causing any problem.

Millions of women bought the Wen products, which are quite pricey. The cleansing conditioner alone is almost $33. It will be interesting to see how many other consumers follow suit considering the 17,000 complaints that have come in. While the company continues to deny claims of having a defective product, there is hope that the legal system can play a vital role in setting this issue straight and protecting the rights of the consumers that were injured.

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