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Determining whether a preterm birth was preventable

There are certain things it is generally best to steer clear of when it comes to a childbirth. One is a baby being born too far ahead of a due date. A premature birth (a birth that comes over three weeks earlier than the due date) can have a variety of risks associated with it.

This includes increased chances of the child developing harmful conditions in relation to the birth. A list of some of the complications babies can experience in connection to a premature birth can be found on our law firm’s page on preterm birth.

Sometimes, circumstances are such that medical professionals are powerless to prevent a birth from being premature. However, in other situations, there might be steps available to a doctor that could head off a potential premature birth, and help push the birth back to a time in which the baby is more developed and better able to handle the various things that go along with delivery.

So, when a baby suffers harm as a result of a premature birth, how doctors acted during the birth is not the only important thing to look into. It can also be important to investigate how doctors acted in the time leading up to the birth. This could help answer whether the birth’s premature nature was preventable. This is an important answer for a parent to have, as it can impact what compensation-related options they might have.

Of course, this isn’t always an easy answer to uncover. A wide range of different factors can touch on whether or not a premature birth could have been prevented. This is among the reasons that, following a harmful premature birth, a parent may want a skilled medical malpractice attorney to examine the matter.

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