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Worker killed in elevator shaft accident

There are a number of dangerous jobs in New York. From working on a construction site to protecting the public as a police officer, jobs that come with a certain amount of risk are completed every day without people being injured. However, accidents do happen, and when they do, an injured worker may be able to assert their rights and seek compensation.

Indeed, the first question an injured worker should ask themselves (or at least a lawyer) is whether the accident is covered under workers’ compensation laws. In many industries, the exclusive remedy for injured workers is to file a claim. However, depending on the circumstances, a worker may file suit to seek damages through a negligence or wrongful death claim.

Such is likely the case for the loved ones of an elevator worker who was killed while doing maintenance on an elevator in Manhattan. According to a recent report, the man was in the elevator shaft when an empty elevator came down three floors, and pinned the man underneath. The weight of the elevator crushed the man to death.

An investigation is ongoing, so it remains to be seen who could be held liable for the accident; the elevator manufacturer, the building owner, or some other entity. Nevertheless, it is likely that a wrongful death suit will be initiated after an investigation is conducted. A wrongful death lawsuit is a legal action where the surviving loved ones of a person killed in an accident seek compensation for future lost wages, loss of companionship and emotional distress, among other things. 

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