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Helpful tips to avoid being in a truck accident

Depending on whom you ask, this week is arguably the height of the holiday shopping season. The frenzy of Black Friday is a distant memory, and the last minute shoppers have not graced the entrance of a shopping mall. Meanwhile trucks carrying merchandise are travelling across the state of New York to keep stores stocked in anticipation of end-of-year sales.

It is no secret that the recent stretch of good weather will be coming to an end. With so many trucks on the road, drivers must be vigilant in order to avoid being in an accident when conditions deteriorate. With that, we offer the following tips through this post.

Stay out of a truck’s blind spots – If you haven’t heard (or seen) warnings about a truck’s “no-zones,” you should be familiar with them. Because of the size of a truck’s trailer, there are significant blind spots, and you do not want to be in them.

Avoid sudden lane changes in front of a truck – In a past Allstate insurance commercial, Dennis Haysbert described the “swoop and squat,” a common insurance fraud maneuver. However, some drivers may do this without intending to cause an accident; and certainly without considering that a truck could plow into them. You should avoid being part of this group.

Avoid driving between trucks – being sandwiched between semi-trucks could be a claustrophobic and scary experience. Additionally, you could be facing dire circumstances if one truck loses control.

The preceding is not legal advice. In the meantime, we wish our readers the best during this holiday season. 

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