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Tips for surviving a submerged car

A car accident where the car becomes submerged is a nightmare scenario, but it does happen. Drivers in New York or anywhere where there are bodies of water should learn these important safety tips for surviving when a car crashes into water.

According to Popular Mechanics, about 400 Americans drown in their cars each year. Survival experts recommend that when a car goes in the water, the first priority of the passengers should be to get a window open so that they can escape. When a car hits the water, it takes approximately 30 seconds for water to rise to the base of the window. Passengers should try to get the window open in this time frame. If the window is automatic, a passenger can use a hammer or their feet to bash out the window. While it is possible for a person to wait until the car fills with water and the pressure equalizes so it is no longer impossible to open the car door, he or she is much more likely to die before escaping.

Once the window is open, adult passengers should assist children in escaping by guiding them firmly through the incoming flow of water to the window. Everyone should swim out of the car as quickly as possible and wait to call for help until they are safely out of the car. Help will not arrive quickly enough to save anyone from the car and making a call will only waste precious time.

According to the Washington Post, passengers who have escaped the car should float up to the surface, rather than attempting to orient themselves and swim. 

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