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Man in critical condition after 11-car accident on I-81

One moment you are on the road on your way to work and the next you are involved in a complicated car accident. No one wishes to be part of this scenario, but many people unfortunately experience it at some point in their life. When it does happen, the best case outcome would be a light fender-bender with no injuries. That was not the case in a recent accident in Syracuse.

The accident happened last week on southbound Interstate 81 just before 6 a.m. Police report that 11 cars were involved in the accident. The whole ordeal apparently started with a taxi cab. The accident happened near the Interstate 690 split. The roads were apparently covered with ice.

Oftentimes these kinds of pileups involve a lot of fender-benders at most, but in this case one man was critically injured. The man was apparently pinned under a vehicle when responders arrived. It’s unclear as to why the man was outside his car on the interstate. The man apparently suffered a serious head injury and was taken to Upstate University Hospital.

During the same day, more than 50 crashes were reported to the police department between 5 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Although details are sparse as to what exactly happened during this 11-car accident, those details will be very important if the man injured in the accident decides to file a claim against other drivers involved in the accident. A car accident as large as this can be very complicated, but an experienced lawyer can help victims sort through the details.

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