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Judge denies new medical malpractice trial for doctors, hospital

Back in January a Brooklyn woman was awarded $62 million for severe medical malpractice, but the three doctors that were at fault, along with the Winthrop University Hospital in Long Island, disputed the award and filed for a new trial. The medical professionals claimed that the evidence did not support the verdict and that the jury should have found for the physicians. A Supreme Court justice, however, recently ruled in favor of the woman, denying the doctors’ and hospital’s motion.

The woman had gone to the hospital because of a tubal pregnancy, a serious condition on its own. When she went to have a lapraoscopic removal of the pregnancy, she contracted an infection after having her colon punctured during the procedure. The infection not only forced doctors to amputate her legs and damaged her hearing, but it also almost cost the woman her life.

It is no wonder then, that the single mother was able to win a $62 million medical malpractice award. Instead of helping her with her tubal pregnancy and sending her home to recover, her doctors robbed her of her legs and some of her hearing. It is unknown if she will ever be able to work again following her doctors’ medical mistakes.

Pregnancy injuries and medical malpractice in general can have significant impact on an individual’s life. It is more than just being sicker, longer; it can mean losing limbs, a sense or the ability to reproduce. Not only that, but medical malpractice can also be fatal. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is just one way that patients can hold their physicians liable for the mistakes and negligence they have suffered.

Source: New York Daily News, “Judge upholds $62 million verdict awarded to Brooklyn mom who lost her legs in botched hospital procedure,” John Marzulli, May 12, 2014

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