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Why you should go to the doctor after a car accident

We hope our readers had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. As we have noted in a prior post, the last holiday weekend of the summer would be known for one last getaway. This would mean that a high number of people would be on the roads in central New York, and the possibility of accidents would increase as well.

While many people will get home and back to work safely, there unfortunately are some who may be in an auto accident. For those who are in accidents, it may be difficult to determine whether medical attention is necessary. After all, you may not feel as if you are injured in the minutes after the crash.

Nevertheless, this post will highlight reasons why medical attention can be helpful. 

Progression of injuries – Most notably, your injuries may not manifest themselves right after a crash. You might have a jolt of adrenaline right after the accident because of how scared you might be. Also, you may feel stiff and sore the next day. Also, you may feel pain days after the accident.

Credibility counts – If you go to the hospital and you later feel pain, chances are that your credibility behind your statements will be enhanced, given that physicians will understand that injuries and ailments may manifest themselves over time. So a prognosis from a physician can help in bolstering your claim.

Ruling out ailments – Also, by going to the doctor after an accident, a physician may be able to rule out potentially dangerous injuries such as internal injuries. 

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