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Types of brain injuries revealed

On our blog we have discussed the many ways that people can suffer brain injuries; especially in the context of auto accidents, sports injuries, and arguably the most common way…falls. We have noted how important it is for physicians and medical personnel to make quick, yet educated, decisions about how to treat a brain injury.

However, knowing that you may have a brain injury is only half of the inquiry. Knowing what type of brain injury is just as important, because it may help in treating it and recovery times. With that, this post will focus on different types of brain injuries.

Concussions – This is likely the most common injury, and probably the most notorious given the news that has been generated over concussions in football. Concussions are caused by direct trauma to the head, either by being hit or punched, or by falling.

Contusions – In other parts of the body, a contusion is described as being a bruise, where blood generates and essentially surrounds an injury. A brain contusion is characterized as bleeding on the brain, a brain contusion should be treated quickly as a blot clot can form that could be potentially life threatening.

Diffuse Axonal Injuries – These types of injuries are caused by severe shaking and/or rotational actions. When these actions occur, tears can arise as the brain shears against the edges of the skull. The tears can cause neuro-chemical disruptions in the brain, which can affect a number of brain functions. Shaken baby syndrome is an example of a diffuse axonal injury.

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