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New York motorcycle laws: riding two abreast and lane splitting

While most of us are pretty aware of the rules of the road as they pertain to driving a passenger vehicle, there are specific laws in our state that pertain specifically to motorcycle riders that our readers may want to be aware of. Knowing these laws, no matter whether you are a car driver or a motorcycle rider, can help keep you safe. If an accident occurs between a motorcyclist and a passenger car driver, these laws will have an impact on who is found liable for the crash.

You may have been traveling down a freeway in another state when a motorcyclist passed you in your own lane. While that might seem dangerous, some states do not have laws that explicitly prohibit this act. This means that if you are sitting in traffic during rush hour, motorcyclists in those states may pass you by driving in the space left within your lane. While this may be okay in some states, it is illegal in the state of New York. This illegal maneuver is called lane splitting.

Another law that may be of interest to our readers has to do with two motorcyclists riding in one lane. State law does not explicitly disallow this act. State law only says that all motorcyclists are entitled to the full use of a lane. That means a passenger vehicle cannot encroach on a motorcyclist’s space just because he or she doesn’t take up a lot of room on the road.

These laws are very important when it comes to keeping our motorcyclists safe on the road. In our next post we will discuss helmet laws in our state.

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