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Negligent behaviors on icy roads can lead to severe injuries

As the state of New York gears up for a snowy storm, it’s important to remember safety rules as we navigate our roads. While individuals may feel justified in leaving their homes to run errands or make their way to work, it’s also important to consider the current road conditions. No matter how good of a driver an individual might be, that driving ability may be no match for the road conditions that a storm can bring.

Sometimes negligence can be very difficult to prove when bad weather and difficult driving conditions are involved. But what happens when a person knowingly hits the road during bad weather and drives recklessly for those conditions? For example, the posted speed limit on a city road may be 40 miles per hour. But when road conditions are poor and visibility is low, the appropriate speed at which to drive may drop significantly. If a driver is overconfident and decides to drive at the posted speed limit, he or she could be acting negligently.

It’s one thing if that individual happens to drive themselves off the road after hitting a patch of ice. It’s a whole other situation if their negligent actions hurt an innocent bystander. You may be navigating the roads at a very reasonable and safe speed when you are suddenly pushed off the road by a reckless driver. In these situations, getting the authorities involved is essential to understanding exactly what happened during the incident and who may be to blame for the accident that occurred.

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