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Safe driving tips for Labor Day weekend

It may be hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is upon us; but with the college football season starting, school age children going back to school and NFL training camps breaking, these are all tell-tale signs that summer is nearing its end.

Hence the last holiday of the summer. With that, millions of Americans will be travelling to their favorite destinations. A bulk of such travel will be by car. With gas prices down from years past, it is reasonable to believe that traffic volumes will be up. Because of this, we hope our readers take safe driving tactics and tips to heart, as Labor Day weekend is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.

As such, we offer a few more safety tips through this post.

Put down the phone – Indeed, we may not have seen as many public service announcements bemoaning distracted driving, but that does not mean that the threat has gone away. Distracted driving is still dangerous. So avoid using your phone to send or read text messages or to follow a map.

Drive for the conditions – While inclement weather is not forecasted, the heat and humidity may make for hot tempers when traffic slows to a crawl. But when traffic stops, tailgaters may not have enough space to slow down and stop. This could lead to rear end collisions. With that said, it is important for drivers to maintain safe speeds for the conditions.

Get plenty of rest – Again, drowsy driving may not get the same attention as drunk driving, but it is just as dangerous.


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