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What to do to avoid accidents with deer

How costly and dangerous can an accident with a deer be? Consider this: according to an American Family Insurance report, the insurance provider paid more than 32,000 claims for deer collision accidents in 2010, which resulted in more than $85 million in payments. As fall begins, deer migration is an important hazard for drivers to look out for especially at sunrise and sunset; which are common times for deer to cross roads. This is especially true in November, as the risk of deer accidents occurring are three times as higher compared to other months.

So what should a driver do avoid or reduce the severity of a deer accident? This post will highlight a few tips. 

Pay attention to deer crossing signs – Drivers should know that these signs warn drivers that deer may be cutting in front of them. While deer may not cross at the exact point where the sign lays, deer could cross down the road.

Don’t panic when you see deer – Just like any other hazard on the road, drivers should brake firmly (and not slam on the brakes) and honk their horns to alert the deer. Further, if a crash is unavoidable, try not to swerve. This could cause a rollover accident.

Keep an eye out for other deer – Deer commonly travel in packs. So if you see one deer cross the road ahead, chances are that others will follow; as they tend to travel single file.

If you have an accident with a deer, contact the authorities.

The preceding is not legal advice. If you have questions about liability, an experienced lawyer can help. 

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