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2 issues that impact motorcycle safety in ideal conditions

Many New Yorkers believe the majority of motorcycle accidents occur when road conditions are bad. However, a recent study in Motofire states that “most motorcycle accidents happen when road conditions are ideal. The study is based on reported data on motorcycle accidents in Australia. The information suggests that there are other contributing risks that lead to motorcycle accidents.

Take some time to learn about factors that affect motorcyclist safety when road conditions are ideal.

Biker age

Older motorcyclists are more likely to have accidents than younger riders, states the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute. With age comes health conditions, slower response times and diminished riding abilities, among other things that affect older motorist safety and driving skills.

Reckless behavior

Some bikers engage in risky riding behaviors. They speed, tailgate, make erratic lane changes and do other things that increase the chances of them colliding with other vehicles. Their actions also impact the safe driving behaviors of others, causing them to make more driving errors to avoid them.

Lack of experience

Riders who do not have enough experience may encounter situations in which they do not know how to handle their bikes properly. They may hesitate and make wrong decisions and maneuvers that increase the dangers and hazards to themselves and others.

There are many things motorcyclists can do to keep themselves out of motorcycle accidents. By acting and riding responsibly, safely and with regard for other motorists on the roads, they can reduce the rate of collisions that occur.

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