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Cognitive issues associated with brain injury

If you are in an accident in New York or otherwise suffer a serious blow to the head, you or your physicians may be concerned with whether you also suffered a traumatic brain injury. TBIs are frequently linked to cognitive problems, and these problems can be relatively minor in nature and improve over time, or they might be far more serious, and leave you with permanent medical issues that require considerable long-term care. At DeFrancisco & Falgiatano, we understand the devastating effects of TBIs, and we have assisted many brain injury sufferers who have developed limitations as a result of their injuries.

Among the cognitive issues you may experience following your brain injury is trouble communicating your feelings, needs and wants. Many who suffer a serious blow to the head find that they struggle to communicate in the manner in which they are accustomed. It is also common to have trouble formulating sentences, expressing thoughts and interpreting the communications of others.

As a TBI sufferer, you may also find that your memory and ability to concentrate also take hits. It is common to have trouble staying focused on lengthy conversations or finishing tasks after they are started, and you may also find that your attention is easily pulled in several different directions at once. This inability to fully concentrate can also make it harder for you to process information as you typically would, which may make it hard for you to keep up with conversations, television show plots, material you read and so on.

While brain injuries may result from virtually any type of blow to the head, common causes include motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and incidents involving choking. They may also develop as a result of an untreated medical condition, or because of medical malpractice. For more about brain injuries, visit our website.

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