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Former Rikers inmate severely injured in attack gets settlement

In our last two posts we discussed the growing concern over assaults that lead to injuries in New York City correctional facilities. We discussed the various statistics that have been collected showing the increase in cases and payouts. But sometimes what can really highlight the severity of the problem is a real-life story.

Recently, a man settled a lawsuit for $750,000 after he was beat by correctional officers while he was at Rikers. The man was admittedly a crack addict but has since cleaned up and is working to make a better life for himself.

The man explained that the incident happened one day after some inmates threw food at officers in the prison. He was apparently in his cell listening to music on his headphones. An officer came into his cell and told him to take off the headphones, sit down on the bed and to “stop being so loud.” The man said he did just that. Suddenly, the started punching him in the face. More officers came into the cell and beat the man, who is now 53, in the ribs, face and back.

The incident put the man in the hospital for 10 days. Four of the man’s ribs were fractured, both eye sockets were fractured and his spleen was lacerated as a result of the assault.

The man’s attorney says although there are people in jail who deserve to be there, they do not deserve to “suffer at the hands of the people who work there.”

This case is a very clear example of someone being injured as a result of the vile actions of another person. No matter who you are, if you have been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, you may have reason to file a lawsuit against them.

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