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Fatal birth injuries can be devastating during the holidays

While there are children born every day across the state of New York, there’s nothing like expecting a child during the holiday season. Some might see it as an extra special holiday gift. It can be a wonderful experience as family members come in from all over the country, and the whole family awaits the arrival of a new member to the family.

While many families will head to the delivery room and come out with a healthy baby, that is unfortunately not always the case. Sometimes families end up having to stay in the hospital over an extended period of time in order to help a newborn recover from any injuries that occurred during the birthing process. Although that may be difficult for all involved, the family will hopefully be able to head home once the baby recovers.

Sadly, there are those families that will end up dealing with a tragic outcome. In some cases, either the baby does not make it or the mother passes away due to complications from the birth. Either situation can be extremely devastating, especially during the holidays.

It’s not very common that a woman dies due to giving birth in the United States, but it does happen. About 16 women die for every 100,000 births that happen. In terms of babies, there are about six stillbirths or prenatal deaths per 1,000 births.

No one ever expects such a tragedy to happen. They put trust in medical professionals during the birthing process. When a medical professional fails to provide proper care, a medical negligence case may be in order.

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