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What to know about buying a new car, Part II

As Labor Day draws near, many of our readers will be focused on having one last summer party or getaway before we unofficially turn to fall. (The actual start of fall is not for a few weeks). But for car salespeople and car buyers alike, this weekend in Syracuse, New York is going to be a banner event. Many people are going to be looking for markdowns on 2015 model year cars, and dealers will likely oblige so that they can make room for 2016 models.

In a post a few weeks ago, we highlighted a couple of things that car buyers should be aware of as they shop. While body styles, bells and whistles and financing options may make some cars attractive, car buyers should not lose sight of the safety issues that could arise after they drive off the lot. With that, this post will focus on additional safety tips for prospective car buyers. 

Look for recall notices – While many recall notices have focused on cars already on the market, new cars may be subject to recalls, even though they have not been sold yet. It may be worth asking the sales people if they know of any, but they are not obligated by law to know of recalls. Checking is a good place to start.

Drive for your car’s purpose – If you are looking for an SUV, avoid the temptation to drive it like a sports car, even though it may have some sports styling and better suspension than an average SUV. The same goes for intending to use a sports car to tow a boat or to drive in the snow. 

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