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Helpful tips to remember after a car accident

The Labor Day weekend holiday has come and gone. Unfortunately, it was marred by tragedy in the lower Hudson Valley. The accidents and the lives lost are sobering reminders that drivers must use reasonable care when on the road in central New York. This is especially true with more young people on the road as school returns for another year.

While no one actually plans to be in an accident, being prepared in the event of one is critical. Indeed, it is normal to panic, or to be upset; but the following tips can help in preserving your claim and help you in the event you need a lawsuit

Call the authorities – Besides assessing whether either driver should be cited for a moving violation, law enforcement agencies can produce reports that detail who is responsible for the crash. For what it is worth, you should not leave the scene of an accident until the authorities arrive as well.  

Exchange insurance information – Drivers should know that they must produce their insurance information after an accident occurs. Not only so that the other driver can initiate a claim, but also so that law enforcement can verify that each driver had proof of insurance.

Seek medical attention – As we have noted in other posts, going to the hospital has a number of benefits. It provides a record of the injuries you suffered, and it can legitimize your claim should you seek legal action.

If you have additional questions about what should be done after an accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. 

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