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Lawsuit: woman riding in ambulance suffers spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries can lead to devastating outcomes. In some cases, this type of injury can leave someone permanently paralyzed and in the worst case scenario, it can even lead to death.

A really sad story has recently come out about an elderly couple from another state. The husband was being transported in an ambulance to a hospice care facility back in 2012. During the transfer, his 85-year-old wife was in the ambulance with him. Suddenly, the driver of the ambulance stopped to avoid hitting a vehicle in front of him, according to the report. The sudden stop caused the elderly woman to pitch forward and strike her head on the inside of the ambulance.

The woman was taken to a hospital and died the next day. She had reportedly suffered a severe spinal cord injury that led to severe pain before her death. She was hoping to spend time with her husband at the hospice care facility before he died. Her husband died from cancer hours after she passed away at the hospital from her injuries.

The couple’s son has filed a lawsuit that seeks compensation for damages and the injuries. According to the lawsuit, the driver of the ambulance was negligent because he was driving too fast. At the same time, the emergency medical technician in the ambulance allegedly did not make sure that the elderly woman was securely and safely seated in the ambulance. This negligence ultimate resulted in the woman’s death, the lawsuit claims.

This is definitely a tragic event that possibly could have been avoided. The outcome of this case will be important for the family of the couple as it could lead to not only compensation but also a change in safety procedures by medical professionals.

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