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Syracuse bicyclist hit by car, suffers head injury

According to statistics provided by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 47 bicyclists killed in our state in 2014. On top of that, more than 5,600 bicyclists were injured that year. That’s a hefty number to consider. In terms of deaths, even one bicycle-related death is one too many.

A large proportion of those bicyclists were in the 25-to-29 age range and in the 60-to-64 age range. The rest of the fatalities were scattered from age 5 to 74. In the majority of those cases, the bicyclist was not wearing a helmet. While adults are not required to wear a helmet while on a bicycle, those under the age of 14 have to wear one as law.

Unfortunately, as statistics show, even when someone does wear a helmet, it may be no match for the actions of a negligent motor vehicle driver. Many bikers are very experienced and use all types of safety equipment, but are still unable to avoid being hit by a driver.

Over the weekend a 49-year-old was hit by a car while on his bicycle and ended up in the hospital. The drive of the vehicle said he didn’t see the bicyclist because it was dark. The accident happened just after 8 p.m. on Saturday.

The unfortunate part about this accident, as is the case with many such bicycle accidents, is that the man reportedly suffered a head injury. While he also suffered other minor injuries, the head injury may end up affecting his life for months or even years to come. As the man recovers, his family may consider reaching out to a personal injury attorney to see what options he has in terms of compensation.

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