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New York car accident claims the lives of two people

Each day, thousands of New Yorkers rely on the convenience and freedom of their vehicles to get them safely from one destination to the other. However, drivers cannot enjoy the privilege of driving without being subject to the risks of operating a motor vehicle. In most situations, a thorough investigation has to be completed to determine the cause of an accident.

This was just the case in a recent motor vehicle accident on the George Washington Bridge. According to reports, a full-size SUV was traveling eastbound on the New York side of the bridge. There were five occupants inside of the vehicle, two of which were children. Amidst slowing for traffic, a box truck had come to a complete stop when the SUV plowed into the back of the truck. All five of the SUV’s occupants were transported to a local hospital where a man and young child passed away. The other three occupants received unknown injuries.

As a result of the accident, the upper portion of the roadway remained closed so authorities could complete their investigation into the cause of the accident. The cause is still unknown. The occupants of the box truck were not injured.

Because car accidents vary drastically in terms of their cause, the conditions of victims and the amount of property damage, figuring out compensation can get complicated. For people who have been involved in a car crash or have lost loved ones in a tragic accident, they may wish to contact an attorney who can provide knowledgeable legal assistance.

Source: New York Post, “Young child and man dead, several injured after horrific crash on GWB,” Joe Marino, June 14, 2017


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