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Spring is back, and so are motorcycles

Spring is officially back in Central New York. Even though the “official” change to spring occurred in late March, spring isn’t emotionally back for New Yorkers until the snow melts and there are consistent 60 degree days.

Another sign that spring is in the air is the return of motorcycles. For those who want to save gas, enjoy the freedom of having the wind in one’s hair, and the versatility of finding parking spaces, there’s nothing like riding a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, riding has its downsides. While there are many more car accidents in New York, motorcycle accidents tend to be crueler on riders. After all, drivers in cars can be assured that they will be protected by a steel cage, even though the force of the accident tends to be harsher. Conversely, motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable as the only things between them and the asphalt are their clothing and their helmets. 

Because of this, riders must be vigilant while on the road. Below are a few tips that riders can incorporate to avoid being another crash statistic.

Be aware of their visibility –Drivers have a tough time seeing motorcyclists to begin with. As such , riders must be aware of their lack of visibility. Essentially, they should be diligent about staying out of blind spots.

Be careful about riding at night – Staying with the visibility theme, riders should wear reflective clothing so that they can be seen easier at night.

Save the tricks for the parking lot – Indeed, it is fun to do tricks, but when they are done on the road or in traffic, the chances for an accident increases dramatically. 

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