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Why pedestrians must be careful during spring break

Who’s ready for spring break? After a few months of relentless snow and subfreezing temperatures, we hope that all of our readers have the opportunity to go south (if only for a few days) and enjoy some warm weather in Orlando, Miami, Phoenix or Las Vegas.  Indeed, central New York is nice, but a getaway is even nicer.

When on spring break, it is important for pedestrians to be wary of cars and trucks that pass through streets that have heavy traffic. One of the great things about the atmosphere of spring break is the foot traffic and people watching from street front bars and cafés. 

However, in these situations the likelihood for pedestrian accidents can increase. Essentially, when drivers and pedestrians have a lot to drink (which commonly happens in spring break haunts) their judgment can become impaired and they may take chances that they may not normally take when sober.

For example, an inebriated pedestrian may feel as if he or she can run across a street before a car comes. Similarly, a driver may feel that they can beat a yellow light that will turn red, but may not see a pedestrian trying to cross. When a driver or a pedestrian is not paying attention or is not using reasonable care, an accident can happen.

We hope that people from our region use such care wherever they travel; whether they are walking down the street or driving. Safety is important while having a good time as an accident can definitely spoil it. 

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