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Do not despair if you haven’t found a lawyer to take your case

If you are frustrated that you have not found a law firm to take your medical malpractice case, do not lose hope. Take solace in knowing that many clients talk to multiple law firms before they find a firm that is willing to take their cases.

The reasons for rejecting a case are varied. Some firms may not take cases that are valued below a certain amount of money. They know that it will take a substantial investment in order to get the case to trial, and if they don’t believe that they will achieve a successful verdict, or that the potential award amount won’t cover their costs, they won’t take the case. 

Others may not be interested in cases where the alleged malpractice will be difficult to prove (i.e. there may be other factors involved that caused the procedure to go bad or the desired result was unachieved.) When there is unclear evidence of malpractice, this may turn some law firms off. Others may not take the case because they may believe it is too complicated a matter to bring to trial (i.e., the case may not resonate with a jury).

Keep in mind that the rejection of a potential case may not have anything to do with the merits of the case. While it may be viable claim, law firms, like other businesses, must make money in order to survive. And if the case does not look like a positive investment, the firm must find other cases that do.

With that said, it costs nothing to meet with us to discuss your case and learn about your rights and options. 

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