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Homeopathic medicines could see more scrutiny

With the use of marijuana as a medicinal alternative for pain medication growing, it is no wonder why the homeopathic medicine industry is experiencing a growth spurt as well. According to a recent report, the industry experiences nearly $3 billion in annual revenue. This means that more Americans are purchasing and using creams for pain relief or certain liquids for male virility.

There are many promises behind these products that the work just as well compared to over-the-counter drugs. And since the consumers who purchase them have not fared well with Western medicine, homeopathic medicines appear to be smart and healthy alternatives.

However, concerns are growing over such medicines, as they commonly do not go through the scrutiny provided by the Food and Drug Administration. Because of this, some medical professionals believe that homeopathic drugs may not be as safe. In fact, an Australian medical council published a report suggesting that they were no more effective than placebo, and that there was not medical evidence indicating that they work at all.

The FDA may soon be taking action and require such drugs to be scrutinized like other drugs sold in the retail market. There are many in the medical community that believe consumers will benefit from knowing what the alternative medicines they are taking include, and what consumers’ expectations should be if the moniker “FDA approval” is included in any advertisements.

It remains to be seen when the approval process will change for homeopathic medicines, but it is an example of the legal responsibilities drug makers have to consumers. 

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