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Getting past the stigma of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit

There is a lot of stigma surrounding medical malpractice lawsuits. Some might think that far too many people file lawsuits against physicians or big entities every year in hopes of securing a big award. Considering they are covered by malpractice insurance, some might think that everyone is reaching for a chance to sue them.

But in many cases, that’s simply not the case. There are many patients in our country that are hurt every year by the negligence of medical professionals but feel too scared to file a lawsuit. They may feel like they don’t have a case, may not want to go through the effort and stress of filing a lawsuit, or they may feel bad for even considering it. While all these emotions are understandable, it’s important to remember the purpose of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A medical malpractice lawsuit aims to secure compensation for individuals who have been hurt by the negligence of others. Some patients end up having to deal with unimaginable medical bills in order to deal with the medical error they experienced. Those same individuals may also end up being out of work for weeks or even months, causing them to lose significant amounts of income. While these individuals still may feel worried about the implications of filing a lawsuit, for many people it is the only viable choice that may help them get back on their feet.

People come in for medical care to feel better. They expect to get treated and improve over time or at least understand their ailments to such a degree that they can manage them. They don’t expect to come in and suffer physical and financial damages.

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