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Scaffoldings can bring serious safety concerns in NYC

Premises liability cases happen as a result of many types of unsafe environments around the city. New York City and its surrounding areas are known for cramped spaces filled with heavy foot traffic at all times of the day. A person cannot enter the city without encountering one of its less-appealing structures: scaffolding.

For those living in New York City, it may feel like scaffolding is everywhere. Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is used by companies in order to repair or clean a building. It may also be used to build a new structure.

It’s understandable that these structures can be quite frustrating to those who live near them. In fact, according to one news article, there are about 190 miles of scaffolding, or sheds, as some call them, across the state. In total, there are some 9,000 sheds on the state’s city streets according to the Department of Buildings.

These structures not only cut off sunlight and take up a lot of sidewalk space, they can also create serious safety hazards for pedestrians and motorists alike. The mayor of New York City has described scaffolds as a place where people like to throw trash and a “great” place for criminals to hide.

Safety is a huge concern when it comes to scaffolding. If you have been injured by a scaffolding structure that was poorly lit or was not up to code, you may want to consider contacting an attorney. Although you may feel that your injury was just a freak accident, standing up for your rights may actually help protect others from being similarly injured in the future.

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