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What are some examples of distracted driving?

Alcohol intoxication, sleep deprivation and poor weather conditions can all lead to motor vehicle accidents. However, distractions take the eyes of many drivers away from the road and cause a devastating number of wrecks each year. If you drive in New York, or if you ride as a passenger in a motor vehicle, it is important to familiarize yourself with different examples of distracted driving and take steps to eliminate these distractions on the road.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention addresses distracted driving on their site and draws attention to some of the main reasons why drivers become distracted. For example, sending and receiving emails or texts while behind the wheel is particularly widespread among those who are in high school. However, cell phones distract drivers of all ages and there are many other distractions that can increase the likelihood of an accident. For example, a driver may be distracted because they are eating, communicating with other people in the car, attempting to turn the radio station or looking for something on the floor.

During 2013, more than 3,100 lost their lives in accidents which involved a driver who was distracted. Moreover, even those who are lucky enough to walk away from a distracted driving wreck may suffer severe injuries and other hardships, such as dealing with their insurance company. If you have been hit by a distracted driver and are trying to recover, you should carefully review any options that are in front of you. Furthermore, careless drivers who upend the lives of others should be held answerable.

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