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Motorcycle safety during the Fourth of July holiday

It may seem like it has come so fast, but the height of the summer is almost here. No, we are not talking about the vernal equinox (i.e. the longest day of the year). Instead, it is the Fourth of July holiday weekend. This time of year is ripe for riding motorcycles. If you are a driver, you should expect to see more riders than usual. If you are a motorcycle rider, it is important for you to take the following tips to heart next weekend. 

Don’t ride and drink– There are likely to be additional patrols out to catch drunk drivers. Keep in mind that the police will be looking for impaired motorcycle riders too.  Besides the criminal implications, riders should be mindful that alcohol affects one’s judgment and  balance; two things that are essential for safely riding a motorcycle. So don’t drink and ride.

Obey the speed laws – The quick acceleration and high speeds are what drive some people to ride motorcycles. However, the faster you go, the likelihood increases that you will be in an accident. After all, you may be skilled rider, but some skills may not help in avoiding an accident with a bad driver.

Know your limits – The Fourth of July holiday may not be the best time to try out your new motorcycle for the first time; especially when you haven’t gotten used to how the bike accelerates or handles.

Stay out of blind spots – It may be cliché that drivers have to “start seeing motorcycles,” but riders have to be vigilant about staying out of drivers’ blind spots, so that a sudden lane change does not become fatal. 

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