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Manufacturer recalls nearly 90,000 tires

If there is one thing, besides your engine, that it is wise to maintain during the summer driving season, it is your tires. Often overlooked, tires provide the ability for cars to maneuver around hazards and stay on the road in inclement weather. For the most part, tires are fairly reliable. But when they are compromised, either because of excessive wear or design defects, the results can be catastrophic.

This is likely the reason behind the recall of nearly 90,000 tires manufactured by Hercules Tire & Rubber Company. The recall was initiated after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was informed that the Hercules tires were similar to another tire that was recalled last fall because of problems with tread separation. 

As such, the Ohio-based company agreed to recall their tires, specifically 15 and 16 inch models, so that the potentially defective tires can be replaced with updated models that do not have the separation issue. The recall is scheduled to start in August.

The recall is not only important for protecting drivers as the weather changes this coming fall and winter, it is an example of the continuing duty that manufacturers have to their customers. Essentially, manufacturers must inform consumers of potentially dangerous defects and take reasonable steps to correct them. If a manufacturer fails to do so, and an accident occurs caused by the defect, the manufacturer could be held liable for the injuries suffered.

In the meantime, there have been no reported accidents or injuries in New York stemming from tread separation issues.

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