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Don’t forget to winterize your vehicle

Once winter comes along, many people know that it’s important to winterize their home. They may clean their gutters, flush the water heater, replace filters and cover their windows with insulation film. While we try not to forget our home in terms of winterization, some of us might forget that we need to winterize our vehicles as well. But what does that entail?

First, it’s important to keep your car maintained. Make sure you check the fuel system, belts, ignition system and exhaust system. Make sure you have windshield wiper fluid that can withstand the freezing temperatures and that your windshield wipers are in working condition. Drivers will often have to clear their windshield of snow and dried road salt, which can severely block visibility.

Make sure your gasoline tank is full, especially if you are entering long stretches of road. Having a full gas tank can also reduce the risk that a gas line will freeze.

Besides that, it can also be useful to make a winter driving kit that consists of a variety of tools you may need if your vehicle breaks down or you are in a car accident. These items may include jumper cables, a scraper, a bag of cat litter or salt to help with tire traction, a blanket, a road flare and a working flashlight.

Although we may take every precaution possible in order to keep our family safe on the roads during the winter, we can’t always predict what other drivers will do on the road. One reckless action can leave your family dealing with injuries during the winter season.

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