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What insurance company ads won’t tell you about their costs

If you watched the Women’s World Cup Final yesterday, you were obviously in for a treat. The 5-2 final score was the largest margin of victory in such finals, and the first World Cup for the United States since 1999. The U.S. also became the first country to win three World Cups.

Also beneficial for soccer fans, no commercials during play. The clock runs continuously, unlike many other spectator sports in the U.S. (e.g. football, basketball, hockey). So commercials must be played before the game, during the halftime break, and after the game. During these breaks, it is likely that you saw commercials for insurance. Indeed, they are catchy and entertaining, but before you purchase a policy, there are a few things that you should know that the companies may not want you to know.

You may save a little money, but we’ll still make money – Keep in mind that you may save a little money compared to your last policy, but the insurance company is set to make money. You should also beware of low premium, high deductible policies. 

Young drivers are accident prone – Insurance companies charge younger drivers more because drivers under the age of 25 (especially men) are more likely to be in an accident. So don’t plan on saving too much money if you fit into this category

Your credit score may determine your rate – Some insurers believe that a direct relationship exists between poor credit scores and the likelihood of being in an accident. If you have a lower credit score, be prepared to pay more for your premium. So again, the savings advertised may not apply to you. 

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