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Slip-and-fall accidents can happen year-round

When a snowstorm hits, many people take cover until it passes. Sometimes it’s the best option in order to avoid injuries due to slippery roads and sidewalks. Once the snowstorm subsides, the city works hard to clear the roads and sidewalks so that people can start commuting without a fear of being injured.

While we may sit around and wait for the city to do its job, it’s important for private entities to do their job as well. A company cannot rely on the city to clean its private parking lots or the sidewalks leading up to their property. Unfortunately, all too often, companies neglect to follow through on their duty to keep their property safe, leading to injuries.

And while the winter season can be notorious for slip-and-fall accidents, these types of accidents can happen during any time of the year. There may be various hazards that can cause someone to fall, such as spilled food, leaking water, unsecure rugs, and poorly maintained stairs.

The issue that comes up after this kind of accident is that the person who got injured needs to prove that the property owner either should have known or did know that the hazard was there and that they failed to fix it.

While in some cases, a slip-and-fall accident might just lead to a bruised ego and frustration, for others, especially those that are elderly, it can lead to broken bones and head injuries. In these cases, it’s important to discuss your case with a lawyer in order to seek compensation for any injuries suffered.

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