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How susceptible are you to road rage?

With the summer driving season in full swing, one of the expectations that drivers must have is that gas prices will be going up. However, they are substantially lower than prices were last year around this time of year. Because of this, it is expected that more people will be on the road; especially when the next holiday weekend (the Fourth of July) comes around.

Indeed, dealing with heavy traffic can fray a person’s nerves. This frustration may lead to aggressive driving and even road rage. Yes, we all get frustrated with other drivers at times, but how do you know when you are the problem? More importantly, how do you know if you are more apt to road rage compared to other drivers?

This post will identify some common factors

Do you honk your horn often? – Indeed, we sometimes need to use the horn to warn people of danger they may not see. However, if you use the horn excessively, it may be a sign of uber-frustration, which is a prime element of road rage.

Do you use obscene gestures or yell at other drivers? – When involved in a near-miss accident, it is natural to be upset over a driver that almost caused an accident. But when anger arises when a person is not going fast enough, this could be evidence of road rage.

Do you tailgate or try to beat red lights? – These are two telltale signs of aggressive driving. If you regularly speed and trying to move people out of your way, you can become very frustrated and this can also translate into road rage. 

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