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Surgical errors may lead to complications in bariatric surgery

Many surgeries performed across the country are truly lifesaving. One type of surgery that has helped many people in New York is known as bariatric surgery. This type of surgery, commonly known as weight loss surgery, helps a person lose weight and regain their health. Probably the most well-known of these surgeries is the gastric bypass, although there are quite a few others such as the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, the duodenal switch, and the sleeve gastrectomy. Some of these surgeries are purely restrictive, meaning the surgery physically limits the amount of food a person can eat, while others use malabsorption in order to lessen the amount of nutrients and calories that are absorbed by the body.

Although the benefits of these surgeries are plentiful, especially when you consider the risks associated with staying morbidly obese, the surgeries definitely have their share of risks as well. As is the case with many major surgeries, a patient could experience s such as blood clots, infections, excessive bleeding or leaks. In the worst case scenario, a patient may pass away due to these complications.

Bariatric surgeries also have a handful of long-term complications such as hernias, bowel obstructions, ulcers and stomach perforation. Because of these types of short-term and long-term complications, it’s vital that the surgeon is well-trained and understands the possible risks each patient may face. If a surgeon and his or her staff members fail to properly assess a patient before, during or after surgery, complications may occur. If a surgical error caused a complication for a bariatric patient, it may be wise to examine the possibility of filing a lawsuit in order to cover any expenses incurred.

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