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The top excuses for road rage.

While the summer driving season may be over, the occasional frustrations that come with driving will stay throughout the fall, and likely into the winter. Because of this, the threat of road rage and the potential for accidents will be something that drivers will have to deal with as long as they are behind the wheel.

We generally know that road rage is the wrong response to frustrations caused by other drivers’ behaviors. However, it is amazing how many excuses that drivers give for engaging in such behavior. This post will highlight a few of the top 10 excuses.

He (or she) was driving too slow – Rage over being stuck behind a slow driver can certainly tick a person off. 

The other driver cut me off – Nothing feels as disrespectful as being cut off in traffic. Especially if you were trying to get to a good parking spot.

The other driver kept tailgating me – In similar fashion being followed too closely can raise a person’s ire.

He (or she) was playing their music so loud – There’s nothing more annoying that being subjected to a concert while at a stoplight.

No one disrespects me – People take it personally when another driver flips them the bird or swears at them.

Regardless of how road rage is created, a driver who may not have initially been at fault can find themselves being held liable if they respond with a violent act. If you have been victimized as a result of road rage, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. 

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