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New motorcycle riders could be at risk

Despite the warm weather in central New York, the end of the summer is drawing near. As a matter of fact, the official first day of fall is next week. With that, the weather is expected to get cooler and people will start putting their motorcycles away for the winter. Experienced riders may know when to say when, but younger riders may test their limits.

This could lead to disastrous results. 

It is known that the first 30 days a new rider has a motorcycle can be the most dangerous. This is especially true if the rider has just purchased a new one. New riders may not have the experience to navigate tight turns or be able to make split decisions when in tight spots in traffic. Also, an insurance institute report indicated that a considerable number of motorcycle collision claims occurred within the first 30 days that the policy was purchased.

This number decreased dramatically after two months of riding, and it dropped further still after 90 days. While there is not strict explanation for this trend, it suggests that motorcycle training classes that are required in New York may not be as important as once believed.

Regardless, new motorcycle riders must use reasonable care while on their bikes. This includes being visible to drivers, knowing the speed and agility of their motorcycle, and being wary of speed limits. Indeed, drivers may not see them and if a driver is at fault, a motorcycle rider may be eligible to obtain compensation for their injuries. 

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