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Family of injured child reach $30 million settlement

We hear about a lot of different types of medical malpractice cases but the stories that are often the hardest to hear about are those involving children. As parents, we will often trust medical professionals in terms of their treatment recommendations when our children are facing serious medical problems. We want what is best for our children and hope experienced medical professionals can help our family.

A case involving a toddler has recently reached a settlement of $30 million to be paid to the family. The toddler apparently suffered a catastrophic brain injury due to surgical complications. The child reportedly underwent around 25 experimental surgeries after he was born with a leak in his esophagus in 2009.

The last surgery performed on the child was in 2011 and involved using a suturing device. That device severed the child’s pulmonary artery. The child currently deals with cerebral palsy and an irreversible brain injury. Other surgeries performed involved the use of a stent to fix the leak. The family’s attorney says the doctor who performed the surgeries deviated from the acceptable standard of care and was medically careless.

The medical center where some of the surgeries were performed said they decided to settle the case in the best interests of the family and the child. This case is a good example of why it may be very necessary for a family to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. The injuries that this child suffered will bring expensive long-term medical needs that can quickly become overwhelming.

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