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Drivers: as the school year begins, watch out for students

It’s that time of year again, school is about to start. There are all kinds of things that could be on a kid’s mind and on their plate as the school year begins, especially if they are at a new school. One thing one would hope a student would never have to deal with during this eventful time of the year or any other point in the year is getting struck by a car and the injuries that come out of such accidents. Unfortunately, that is exactly what students here in the Syracuse area and the rest of New York state could be subjected to if the state’s drivers aren’t acting properly as the school year begins.

During the school year, there can be a particularly high number of child pedestrians out and about around the time of day school starts up and the time of day school lets out. For one, there can be lots of students walking to and from locations where school buses pick up and let off passengers, such as school bus stops, school zones and school parking lots. Also, student pedestrian traffic is not limited to just these areas, as there are still a fair number of students in the U.S., around 13 percent, who bike or walk to school.

So, with the school year starting up, it is important for drivers to remember to watch out for students when driving, particularly during the times of the day when kids are arriving at or leaving school. It is also critical for drivers to avoid conduct which could endanger student pedestrians, such as using a cellphone or doing other distracting activities behind the wheel, speeding, not fully obeying stop signs or being careless when backing up. When students are harmed by driver negligence, their parents may want a skilled lawyer’s guidance on what legal steps to take in response to the incident.

One hopes all Syracuse-area drivers will be vigilant in helping get this school year off to a safe start for students in the area.

Source: Bridgeport News, “AAA Northeast offers drivers tips to keep school children safe,” Aug. 23, 2016

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